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The best way to resolve serious dog behavior problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, reactivity and fear issues is by following a custom training plan that is tailored to your dog, your family’s needs, and your goals.

Let an expert evaluate your dog and design a behavior modification plan that works! We will do everything we can to teach you what you need to know to train your dog and modify his or her problematic behavior, successfully and gently – without sacrificing your dog’s wellbeing or happiness. 

Behavior Modification Programs

The LUCKY DOG program

Our most sought-after program! We’ll create a customized plan for you and your dog, and then walk you through every step of the way to achieving your goals!

From mild to severe behavior issues, we have helped thousands of dogs just like yours gain confidence, learn to face their triggers calmly, and adopt new coping mechanisms that help keep everyone safe.

Suitable for dogs suffering from or exhibiting  aggression, fear, phobias, hyperactivity, PTSD, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, inter-dog problems, dog-cat problems, etc. 

This is the full intervention program – you’ll get all the training, coaching and support you need to help your dog through his issues.

Super-Charged Healing

 Over the years we have found that some emotional traumas become so deeply embedded in a dog’s psyche that they are hard to heal with behavior modification alone.

To that end we now offer a Holistic Emotional Support Consultation which super-charges your dog’s customized training plan with the power of herbs, essential oils and other proven holistic modalities. 

We’ll evaluate your dog on several aspects of their holistic health, from nutrition to blockages in their energy meridians (a-la-Traditional Chinese Medicine), and make recommendations that can help your particular dog enjoy a happier, healthier life – sooner. Let’s bring you and your dog faster, deeper results!


The SOS program

This program is intended for families who need some SOS help with their dog’s behavior issues, but cannot yet afford the full, customized program. 

This program is not intended to “fix” or resolve your dog’s issues. Instead, we will focus on safety and prevention, while helping you understand the source of your dog’s behavior and how it can be improved. When you are ready to enroll in the full program we will also be  happy to grant you a discount, to help a little more. Why? Because we care, and we want to help! 

Program Features

  • $1,755
  • Three months of 1-on-1 work with our expert behavior consultant
  • Lifetime text support included
  • Video your practice sessions and send to us for feedback between sessions
  • One follow-up coaching call *after* the completion of the program to help you retain your results
  • One Free 30-minute Troubleshooting Call for when life changes -included for the life of your dog!
  • $65
  • An add-on service (which can also be utilized on its own), for dogs with emotional and behavioral issues big and small. Can also help with minor health issues such as allergies, chronic pain, etc.
  • We'll carefully review your responses to a special questionnaire to determine your dog's main/secondary Element (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal)
  • We'll send you a report detailing your dog's element(s), what this says about your dog's behavior, inner motivation and the relationship to your own main element, where relevant
  • We'll make recommendations on essential oils, nutrition and supplements to support and accelerate your dog's emotional healing
  • We'll spend 30 minutes by Live Video teaching you how to offer the oils to your dog and most importantly, how to interpret your dog's reaction to the oils you offer. Your dog will tell you what s/he needs, and when! You will get to witness your dog's amazing inner wisdom and connect with your dog on a whole new level through this experience
  • If you are a US resident, we can ship you diluted, ready to use oils for your dog (you only pay the shipping cost! Approx. $6). If you live outside the USA, we will do our best to help you source high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils local to you, and instruct you on how to prepare them for your dog.
  • ALSO AVAILABLE FOR CATS AND EVEN HUMANS! Contact us below to discuss or get started.
  • $375
  • 2 Private coaching sessions on how to minimize, manage and ideally prevent incidents (such as aggression) from taking place before you enroll in the full behavior program. 
  • This will not solve your dog's issues! You would still need to go through the process of addressing your dog's triggers, behavior patterns and emotions in order to create deep, lasting change.
  • This is a temporary "we need to do SOMETHING but can't do the full program yet" type of service.


To enroll in one of our services, please fill out the required forms and make a payment via the links below.

For the Lucky Dog and SOS behavior training programs, fill out the Dog Behavior Questionnaire .

For Super-Charged Healing, please fill out the Holistic Assessment Questionnaire . Please note that this does not replace the dog behavior questionnaire if are signing up for the behavior program; you’ll need to fill out both forms. 

After filling out the above form(s) as needed, please download, sign and email us the service contract to the email listed in the contract. 

Pay for your chosen services at our online store .


Why Meet Online?

Meeting online allows us to get to know you and your dog without stressing your dog out and triggering any unwanted behaviors, which we do not want your dog to “practice”. It also allows for fewer distractions for you, so you can get the most out of your lesson. We use simple, free technology for our meetings. All you need is a device with a camera and microphone, such as a smart phone, tablet or computer with web camera.

After the Foundations Lesson

After your Foundations Lesson you will have the chance to sign up for the behavior modification program recommended to you. 

We will then meet every week for the duration of your chosen program. We routinely work with families from all over the world by meeting weekly online. If you are local to us, we can also meet in your home some of the time, as needed.

Each week we will review your dog’s progress with previously taught exercises/techniques, and teach you new coping skills to teach your dog.

We will also look at your dog’s daily schedule, exercise and enrichment routines, and advise you on any changes that should be made as we progress.

We will journey with you towards joy with your dog – and be there for you, every step of the way. 

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Use the contact form below to schedule a free phone consultation. During this call you’ll tell us about your dog and ask any questions you have about our services. We will then explain how we may be able to help you and your dog live in greater joy together, and match you with one of our programs that will best suit your needs.

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